Pacifica Casino Group LLC Engages Banker

March 17, 2011

Thursday March 17, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada — PACIFICA CASINO GROUP LLC announced today that it has selected Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. out of Manhattan Beach, CA to help guide the effort in its latest casino purchase. “We have worked with some of the management of Oppenheimer prior when they were with another investment banking firm and had excellent results. Our selection was as much about the personalities that we would be working with, as the ability of the firm. Both areas play a tremendous role in selection of a banker and the great name of Oppenheimer coupled with good working relationships made the choice easy,” stated D.W. Barrick, the managing member of TALRICK PARTERS LLC, a member of PACIFICA CASINO GROUP LLC.

The signing took place within the offices of Gordon Silver in Las Vegas, NV. The law firm represents PACIFICA CASINO GROUP LLC along with other BARRICK related companies. TALRICK is a wholly owned company of the BARRICK Family.

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