The Alan Wayne Company LLC’s Development Project

May 19, 2011

The Alan Wayne Company LLC continues to market its commercial development located in Hinton, Oklahoma. Although the Company has a contract for sale and is in escrow on 89 acres of the development, there are still plus or minus 20 acres remaining to be sold, leased or joint ventured. With the exception of about 4 acres, the remaining pads and parcels are all contiguous to the Sugar Creek Casino, which is managed by the Wichita and Affiliated Tribe. The Alan Wayne Company initiated the original casino development agreement but no longer has any involvement with the Tribe. The Company and its subsidiary Wichita Wayne, LLC are seeking buyers, developers, lessees and/or partnerships to complete the Hinton project. The remaining properties are prime candidates for fast food and other ancillary commercial uses because of their high visibility and state highway 281 and I-40 frontages.

The project is located at exit 101, which is the intersection of state highway 281 (NAFTA) and Interstate 40, approximately 45 miles west of Oklahoma City. Traffic counts are tremendous and the intersection is growing commercially by leaps and bounds. The properties have water, sewer, and electric service, with some curb and gutter established.

There is a tremendous opportunity awaiting a commercial business to be involved on the ground floor for a future major interstate development. Contiguous and adjacent are the previously developed properties of Loves Travel Plaza, a Chevrolet dealership, a 45-room motel, a Subway and an approximately 500-machine casino with food and beverage.

The Alan Wayne Company LLC welcomes any and all inquiries pertaining to the project at their website’s contact address. To speak telephonically or directly to the project manager, please use the following number: (405) 274-4182 and ask for T.K. Rousey. T. K. Rousey can also be reached at the e-mail address of

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