Tier One Brands Sells Nutri-Vet Holdings

September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011

Boise, Idaho — Tier One Brands LLC of Phoenix, Arizona announced that it has sold its Nutri-Vet LLC and Best Pet Health Brands holdings to Petra Pet. Petra Pet is a portfolio company of Imperial Capital Group. Imperial Capital Group invests in targeted industry niches, with revenue between $20 million and $200 million.

Based in Boise, Idaho, Nutri-Vet was founded in 1996 by Tier One Brands and others. Nutri-Vet serves the pet nutraceutical sector and markets vitamin supplements, joint-care, dental care and other health-focused products for dogs, cats and equines.

Petra pet manufactures and markets Beefeaters, a leading brand in several pet treat categories including rawhide and porkhide chews, natural treats, dental chews, and hybrids. Their products are distributed by retailers throughout the US, Canada, the UK and Mexico. The company is located in North Bergen, NJ.

Tier One Brands LLC is owned in part by BARRICK PROPERTIES LLC, whose offices are based in Phoenix, AZ and is part of the BARRICK FAMILY OF COMPANIES.  

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