Happy New Year!

December 27, 2011

From the desk of D.W. Barrick

As we leave 2011 behind, we are thankful to God that the family is happy and healthy while looking forward to a great New Year. We want to wish all of our friends, partners and extended family the best for the upcoming 2012.

Here at Barrick, we are anticipating a prosperous and rewarding 2012. I see the companies being confronted with a year of new expectations and achievements. I also see us continuing to implement our past ideas into successful accomplishments. Due to our steadfast application of hard work from last year, several projects will come to materialize in 2012.

In 2011 we saw Barrick come full circle and reenter the oil and energy market with slow and methodic maneuvers, not indifferent from our M O of years past. This upcoming year will reap the rewards of last years planted seeds within the energy field. We have made new friends and developed new relationships which we look forward to nurturing throughout the coming decades.

We were certainly overwhelmingly proud this past year to welcome Monte Barrick in a more active role into the daily business. Monte decided to move his offices inside that of Barrick to be closer to the action. Above and beyond his normal duties, Monte has taken a more active role in managing our assets. His daily presence is welcomed by all.

A very important alliance was officially formed in 2011. Barrick joined with Courtney Carlson Harstfield to begin Hestia Home Loans LLC. A more perfect and aligned partnership could not have been found. Courtney has been a friend and business associate of D.W. and Freda Barrick for several years. The company formation has been planned for more than three years but by decision of the partners, it was held inactive until all felt the US market was in a position to best accommodate. Courtney’s dedication and solid work ethic is a perfect match for a successful venture into the field of mortgage. Barrick looks forward to this relationship with positive anticipation and a perpetual future. Hestia Home Loans LLC is going to make 2012 a banner year.

Although the past year is deemed a good and successful year for Barrick, there are always projects that somehow fall behind or just never get off the ground. One to fall behind has been our hotel/casino project. It was fully expected to be announced and operating by the end of 2011. Due to the country’s economic condition and other factors, the project has been postponed until 2012. For those of you who know and have an inside position concerning the project, know that the announcement is expected for soon after the first of the year. This has been a long anticipated venture and as all large projects primarily demand, it has taken lots of time, lots of people and lots of money. Those ingredients always seem to be within the recipe of a successfully large undertaking. We are not disillusioned but rather accept and understand the times that we live and work within as being somewhat concerning for the capitalist of this nation. Despite the roadblocks and setbacks, we are excitedly pursuing this accomplishment and fully expect to see a completion date very soon.

All of our projects and accomplishments of 2011 are important and worthy but for reasons understood we cannot mention or promote each and everyone. The same also goes for all the individuals that have been involved and worked so hard to help us throughout this year. Our sincere and wholehearted thanks are extended to each of you. God Bless each person and their family that has been with us. Special thanks for your dedication, support and trust in the Barrick family. Our benefits could not be received if not for you.

All and all, I can proudly tell you that the Barrick family ends this year being more contented spiritedly, physically and emotionally than ever before and we hope the same for you and yours.

God Bless each and all and we at Barrick wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

D.W. Barrick
Barrick Properties Inc.

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